About us
Memocloud is a machine learning consulting company. We bring machine learning as a total solution that helps our customers success in many ways!。

Memocloud helps Gaming and E-commerce customers to implement AI model and ACRM system, using world leading software, SAS. We have already proved that our solution can bring benefit to customers in revenue boosting; moreover, we help them to change the culture in digital transformation.
Analytics CRM
As SAS’s first tier reseller, Memocloud has already had double digit number of customer references in Gaming, Education, Government, and EC commerce industry. Our main focus is to build customized ACRM (Analytics CRM), and we have 20+ existing models for marketing team and decision makers.
RAAS (Result as a service)
RAAS (Result as a service) is a solution for data analytics outsourcing. Customer who has limited resources of data scientist will become target audience. If customers want to see the result of data analytics but would like to invest limited budget at the beginning, or has challenges to hire data scientists, adopting RAAS solution can be a good choice. Right now, there are multiple customers who adopted RAAS solution in Taiwan, including Gaming, Cosmetics, Fast fashion industry.
Fraud detection solution in gaming industry
Memocloud uses Data Streaming analysis to develop Fraud detecting solution, that is mostly used in gaming industry. Through data streaming analysis, we can detect if a player is cheating and immediately send alert to security teams. With this solution, customers can save a lot of time and reduce Fraud. We have modules including accounts fraud, gaming play fraud, monetary fraud and group fraud in store. Gaming customers can adopt this solution to quickly implement and reduce the costs that frauds bring.