Case Sharing
Customer story- well-known Gaming company:
We worked alongside with them on labeling end users and taking the advantages on machine learning to observe customers’ behavior. Memocloud helps customers to promote based on useful data and investing on the right advertisements, our customer’s revenue proudly rose 170%, conversion rate rose more than 100%.
Customer story- Biological Technology Company:
Well-known cosmetics brand in Taiwan that has hundred of thousands of members and need to promote products to the right group of users. Memocloud worked with them to label customers and assist them to do segment marketing precisely. Through our RAAS service, we bring them more than 150 types of labeling in a single report, that helps them make decisions faster, improve marketing efficiency and finally result in greater revenue. We provide our customers useful data insight, sometimes even better, but they don’t need to hire a dedicated data scientist or implement a CRM system.